No Offer

All you need to know when your son / daughter receives no offer of a college place.

Q. My son worked very hard for his exams but got no offer of a college place in the first CAO round. He did not appeal his LC results as he felt they were a fair reflection of his performance. Does he have any chance of a place this year through the CAO?

A. He may still be offered a course in the second or subsequent rounds. Alternatively he can check into for available places which have not yet been filled.

When checking through available places on the CAO site, it’s important to note that private colleges charge full tuition fees. A small number of colleges including TU Dublin offer direct entry courses. He can contact the individual college for details of these courses.

Post Leaving Certificate courses should also be explored, as these can offer an alternative pathway to colleges and universities.

Q. My child received two offers from the CAO – a Level 8 and a Level 7 course. Can they accept both and make a final decision later?

A. You can only accept one CAO offer at a time. If they are having difficulty deciding, they have until the deadline indicated by the CAO to accept an offer (the deadlines for 2020 have not yet been indicated). This gives some time to weigh up the options, including which course is most suited to individual interests and career plans down the line. Issues can also be discussed with a school Guidance Counsellor, prospective colleges or universities, or you can also contact NPCpp for additional queries.