Our Vision

NPCpp aims to provide a forum that actively supports parents and guardians in their parenting role and to interact effectively with schools and other education partners on issues that impact on the education, development and general well-being of young people within the post primary education system.

Our Mission

NPCpp is the voice and advocate for parents and guardians of young people in post primary education.

It serves and represents parents and guardians, principally through engagement with Parents Associations.

In consultation with its Constituent Bodies, NPCpp offers co-ordinated training, interactions, information and engagement with parents and guardians.

NPCpp aims to:

  • Have an effective Parents Association in place in every school
  • Communicate with all parents and guardians of young people in post primary education
  • Support parents and guardians in being active partners in education
  • Challenge parents and guardians to participate
  • Provide a structure through which parents and guardians can inform and influence policy development
  • Take an active role in influencing policy at a national level
  • Build strong partnerships with key stakeholders