Partners In Education

As part of an internal review process undertaken by NPCpp during 2006/07, the Directors of NPCpp highlighted the need for a stronger partnership approach to many educational matters.

In this regard, we arranged meetings with all Teacher and School Management representative groups with the objective of establishing a structure that would promote dialogue in areas of education of common interest.

Our view is that there are many important educational issues that are common, and that a shared and united approach would enhance the quality of information which we can make available to parents, while at the same time fostering a  ‘knowledge based’  understanding of our teacher and management partners and their perspectives on issues.

Underpinning our education system is the level of investment undertaken by the State, and this is the most important issue of concern to everyone involved in Education.

Unprecedented economic growth has witnessed significant increases in educational spending, but the allocation of funds is well short of our expectations.

We would see this forum as having the dual role of:

(a) Supporting the Minister’s efforts to increase the overall budgetary allocation to education. (b) Highlighting priorities in Education.