My name is Madeleine Hearn and I am a Guidance Counsellor in Cork and board member of

We are currently running a voluntary-lead careers and industry showcase which is FREE for all students, teachers, parents and Guidance Counsellors and plenty more.

Our initiative is to encourage students to make more informed career choices on their career discovery journey. and expose them to the myriad of opportunities available in STEM. 

Dear Parent,

STEM SOUTH WEST INDUSTRY & CAREER EXPO 2022 – April 6th – 5 to 9 pm.


 I am delighted to announce that the STEM South West’s Industry & Career Expo is back for its 3rd  year.

What to Expect from the Event.

  • Date:  Wednesday, 6th April,  5 to 9 pm. Register FREE on
  • FREE Virtual event for students, teachers, guidance counsellor, parents/guardians to help students make more informed career choices on their career discovery journey.
  • Meet and engage with Ireland’s leading STEM leaders to open student’s minds to the exciting and diverse opportunities that a career in STEM has to offer.
  • Company and Universities showcased; i.e. Tech, Pharma, Engineering, MTU and UCC.
  • Demonstrations on virtual reality, robotics, astronomy and much more.
  •       Speakers Corner:  Talks from experts in the areas of construction, apprenticeships, information technology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, electronics,
    weather- forecasting, agri-technology, environmental engineering, cybersecurity and will include speaker, Michael Manning, MTU Electronic Engineering Graduate, Trackside
    Engineer with Red Bull F1 Racing.
  • Industry Panel Discussions.
  • Scavenger Hunt with lots of prizes to give away on the night.

Guidance Counsellor Action:

I would very much appreciate if you could support STEM South West 2022 by circulating the poster attached and communicating this message to your network either by sending a text message/email to all parents or by any other messaging platforms in use in your organisation at present.

Additional info on our website including a video from Guidance Counsellor and Board member of STEM South West, Madeleine Hearn.  Here Madeleine will outline the benefits for you, your teachers, students, their parents/guardians to registering for this event

Kind Regards,

Madeleine Hearn

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