Students must not be negatively affected by the coding errors revealed today.

Today’s revelation of two errors in the Calculated Grades process is very disappointing and frustrating.
This adds further to the distress and difficulties experienced by 2020 Leaving Certificate students and their parents. 
NPCPP acknowledge and welcome Minister Norma Foley’s commitment that no student will be down-graded and to work with fellow Minister Simon Harris, the CAO and those in further education to ensure that any student who is entitled to enter or switch into a higher option course due to an upgrade resulting from the corrections now being undertaken can do so in this current academic year.
The government commitment received, that no student will be disadvantaged due to COVID-19, is again highlighted and re-emphasised. This has already been a most stressful year for students and families and every effort must be made to ensure that fairness and equity is achieved and demonstrated for all students. 
Any knock-on effects from errors in the system must be taken into consideration, accommodated and addressed without penalty for the student.
Friday 2nd October is the indicated deadline for registration to sit the LC Examinations in November. Should confirmed corrected grades not be available to those affected by these coding errors by that date provision to extend this deadline may be required to facilitate these students.
All partners in education accepted the Calculated Grades process as a best option in a truly traumatic year. That system must now not let those who trusted in it down. It must deliver fairness and equity.
NPCPP will continue to work to support students with their families and to ensure that State commitments given are fully delivered.

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