Information regarding the CAO Change of Mind Facility

The CAO Change of Mind facility has been open since 5th May 2020 and there’s only one week until it closes on 1st July at 17.15pm! There is no additional fee for using the Change of Mind facility, and it can allow you to amend your choices for both Level 6/7 and 8 courses.

Please see the following information and advice from the CAO:

It is very important that you check your course choices immediately to ensure that they are absolutely correct. If you need to amend or add courses you may need to use the Change of Course Choices facility on the CAO website before 1st March at 17:15 (see below) or the Change of Mind facility before the 1st July at 17:15.

To make changes to your course choices (during the periods outlined below):

  • – log in via the ‘My Application’ facility and go to add/change course choices;
  • – introduce all of your courses on the ‘New List’ in your preferred order of preference, remembering to click ‘Continue with course changes’ to save the information; and,
  • – check the acknowledgement e-mail sent to the e-mail address you supplied when making your application. Make sure to check that your changes have been recorded completely and correctly.

For more information on the Change of Mind facility watch this short video resource: CAO Change of Mind Video Guide

Restricted courses

You may not enter on a Change of Mind any restricted courses.

Exception: you may be permitted to introduce a restricted course which shares the exact same assessment procedures with a course you had applied for by 1st February at 17:15 – you should consult with the relevant HEI before introducing such a course.

Mature applicants

Individual admitting HEIs may impose restrictions on Change of Mind for mature applicants. These are generally the same as for late applications. Mature applicants should make enquiries from individual Admissions Offices before introducing new course choices after 1st February.

Change of Mind notifications

If you make a change of mind you will receive an e-mail to confirm your new course choices. You can also log in to your account via the My Application facility to confirm that all of your details are recorded completely and correctly.

It is very important that your course choices should be absolutely correct. Therefore, if you are going to be absent at the time when the revised statement is due, you must arrange for someone to check that it arrives and, when it arrives, that the contents are correct and accurately reflect your wishes.

Errors and Omissions

Do not wait until August to notify us of errors or omissions as it will be too late to do anything about them at that stage.

Paper applicants

If you applied to CAO using a paper application form, and you have not yet logged in to your CAO account online, you can do so by going to ‘My Application’, click on the forgotten password link and follow the steps to obtain a password. You can then log in with your CAO application number, your date of birth and your new password to use the online Change of Mind facility.

Paper applicants will receive a Statement of Course Choices in the post by 15th of February. This statement will show the CAO application number as well as the course choices which have been recorded. If you need to make changes to your courses you can do so online via the My Application facility; alternatively, you may return this statement with the changes recorded by post to CAO to arrive by 1st March at 17:15. An Additional Processing Fee of €10 must be paid in the form of a Bank Draft or Postal Order.

Paper Change of Mind forms are available by request. Change of Mind Forms may not be submitted by fax.

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