NPCPP Statement on the Publication of the Student and Parent Charter Bill

NPCPP welcomes the publication of the Education (Student and Parent Charter) Bill 2019 on 10th September by the Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh T.D.

The aim and purpose of this Bill is to encourage and improve engagement between schools, their students and their parents. Developing a listening culture in a school will improve mutual understanding and will assist towards all parties being positively engaged in the education of our children.

The benefits of mutual respect and engagement between school, student and parents can clearly be seen in those schools where it is already encouraged and embraced.

Working effectively together benefits everyone in the school community, assists with the smooth running of our schools and the early identification of potential issues which can afford early resolution of grievances in a fair and transparent manner.

NPCPP has been a strong advocate for The Student and Parent Charter Bill since inception, believes that school charters will underpin mutual understanding and the joint responsibilities required to achieve best outcomes and a respectful sense of community within all schools.

NPCPP now urges continued prompt progress and looks forward to an early comprehensive consultation period with parents, students and other education partners to assist with the development of the guidelines under which the school charters will operate.

NPCPP will continue to engage positively in the process and looks forward to the earliest full implementation of this legislation.

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