Statement – NPCPP

May 2023.

NPCPP continues to deliver on the charity’s primary purpose – to support, advocate for and represent all parents and guardians of post primary students across Ireland.

NPCPP currently has more parents/guardians and more post primary school parent associations, from all sectors and nationwide, signed up as members than ever before.

More than 50% of schools from each of the traditional sectors are now registered with NPCPP together with schools and parents/guardians new to post primary education as a result of the considerable broadening diversity in Irish society since the turn of the century.

At this most critical time of review, across all aspects of post primary education, NPCPP remains comprehensively engaged with post primary parents/guardians and assiduously represents their interests and concerns in consultations around education, health,diversity and disadvantage.  

No other organisation has a comparative depth of knowledge or focussed commitment to represent all parents/guardians and post primary school parent bodies.

Governance and activities at NPCPP are overseen by independent, external, registered professionals to ensure full compliance with all regulations and requirements.

The state’s Charity Regulator is the ultimate oversight body for charities and NPCPP have always complied fully with any requests received from that office.

Any and all matters raised by that Authority have been satisfactorily answered, any documentation requested has been provided and there are no outstanding issues.

NPCPP has a primary responsibility and a fiduciary duty to ensure that the voice of post primary parents/guardians across Ireland is heard and that they are supported in the education and welfare of their children. 

This will remain the focus of NPCPP.

Directors: M. Fanning President, N. Bannister Vice President / Company Secretary, M. O’Shea Chair of FAR,

P. Rolston Chair Org. Dev., M. O’Mahony Chair of Ed. Policy, R. CallanChair of S.E.E.D, R. Hemeryck, L. Ryan.

National Parents Council Post Primary CLG (Company Limited by Guarantee).

Registered Dublin, Ireland. Registration No: 258143 Charitable Status No: CHY 12800/20038298.

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