EXAM HELPLINE - 2017 Free Phone 1800 265 165

Hi Everybody,

this year's Helpline will open on August 16th , results day, at the presence of the Minister of Education and Skills Mr. Richard Bruton, and it will end on August 23rd.

We are going to be answering your calls, guiding you to understand your results and the new evaluation points system.

Do not be shy, call us, whatever question you might have. We are here to help.  

1800 265 165

The calendar of the six day Helpline is as follows:

Wednesday  16th August    10am – 7pm  RESULTS DAY
Thursday     17th August    10am – 7pm
Friday         18th August    10am – 1pm
Monday       21st August      8am – 7pm  CAO DAY
Tuesday      22nd August     8am – 7pm
Wednesday  23rd August     8am – 1pm

We look forward to hearing from you !