We urgently need your help to have your voice heard!

The National Parents Council post primary (NPCpp) has, for a long time now, pursued our policy to give Parents a strong voice in the education of our children. 

The Department of Education and Skills has now proposed some changes to the legislation in our educational system – They are introducing a Parent and Student Charter Bill 2016 which will determine the parents’ role in education for many years to come.

This Bill will require every school to consult with and involve parents and students more in the running of the school, and to publish and operate a Parent and Student Charter.

NPCpp welcomes this positive step and the recognition it brings to parental involvement in the education of our children.

Minister Richard Bruton has directed that parents be consulted through NPCpp and we have created the attached survey to ensure that we can properly reflect what you would like to see being implemented through the Charter.

Your thoughts and ideas are crucial! So please take a few minutes (10-15 max) to complete and return your response.

Please click on this link to have your voice heard:


Help us to reach out to as many parents as possible – Please share this survey with your friends, family and other parents in your school.

Thank you!