Information on the scheme run by V.E.C. in conjunction with Department and Bus Eireann.

  • Check if you live within catchment area of school you wish to attend.
  • Get Transport form from school (normally available on open day).
  • Fill in form and return to the school.
  • Normally you will receive notification re transport in August.
  • Payment is made on a term by term basis. Invoice is sent directly to parents / guardians each term
  • You are only guaranteed a ticket on term by term basis.
  • If you do not live in the catchment area for the school you may apply for a catchment boundary ticket – same charge but you must join bus at the catchment boundary. You may only get ticket if there is room remaining on the bus.
  • To be eligible • Students must be enrolled in a recognised post primary school. • Be over 12 before 1st Jan of the school year he/she starts post primary school • Have finished sixth class in primary school. • Be living more than 3 miles (4.8km) from the school.Students who qualify as above and whose parents have medical card are entitled to free transport to school within catchment area.
  • DOE provides transport for children with special needs who attend special schools.

Google your local VEC to get relevant VEC website and look for info on school transport scheme.

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