Pre-Conference Information

National Parents' Council Post Primary are hosting their 30th Annual Conference at the INECINEC in Killarney on 14th November 2015. This Conference is packed with lots of educational information aswell as being free to all parents.

Topics of the day will be

Drug & Alcohol awareness - How they effect our children

Why Transition Year - Special Guest is student entrepreneur Harry McCann along with other speakers

Your legal rights as a parent - Barrister Garret Noble of KOD/Lyons

The Teaching Council - The processes and outcomes involved and how the Teaching Council’s complaints investigation role relates to school based complaints and grievance processes will be explained. It is also intended to look at the types of complaints that can be made and who may make such complaints.

Workshops on the following:

  • Cracking the College Code by Catherine O' Connor
  • SMSTutor by Frank McnaMears
  • Right careers 4 me
  • HEAR/DARE and the use of assistive technology in college
  • Careers Portal - Irelands Leading Careers Guidance Website