The National Parents Council post primary (NPCpp) is a voluntary group that gives national voice to parents of young people in post primary schools in Ireland.

The secondary education system consists of schools under the patronage of Catholic Voluntary Schools, Religious Minority Schools, Schools run by the Christian Brothers, Community and Comprehensive Schools and Education & Training Board Schools.

Each of these sectors established a governing body which nominates four representatives to the National Parents Council post primary.


The National Association of Compass is a Constituent body of the National Parents Council post primary (NPCpp) representing all parents who choose to educate their children in schools or colleges which promote a Protestant or a minority ethos.


The National Parents Association of ETB Schools offer support and guidance to second levelparents by holding training days, exchanging information and meeting with support organisations in order to assist parents in their role as parent representatives.

ETBs manage and operate second-level schools, further education colleges, multi-faith community national schools and a range of adult and further education centres delivering education and training programmes. 


The Federation of Secondary Schools Parents Associations is the representative body for Parents with children in Catholic Voluntary Secondary schools in Ireland. The FCSSPA promotes the interests of parents and their children in the Catholic Voluntary Secondary School sector at local and national level. It comprises of local school parents'councils, regional councils and a national executive.


This Association represents parents/guardians of students in 95 Community and Comprehensive Schools. The Association at local level is made up of representatives from areas feeding into the local school. There is a regional structure comprising of seven regions. Each school nominates two parents to attend Regional Meetings.

At regional level a committee is appointed to carry out the duties.